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Is the service applicable from a distant location?

Yes, we are honored to be on your service.

The transportation fee will be required for areas excluding:


・All Tokyo 23 wards

・Yokohama City

・Kawasaki City

For details, please contact us.

How should we pay the fee?

We accept beforehand of service.

・Credit Card

・Bank Transfer


Can we appoint a nurse who fits us well?

Yes, you can.

Please let us know the name of our nurse

Can we receive nursing service at our home?


We provide 24 hours visiting care service.

Is there anything I should be ready for to receive service?

Can we receive care for our patients in the care / nursing facility I manage?

Yes, we can also provide service to facilities.

Please contact us for more information.


・When providing Medical check-ups, treatment, or seeing a doctor, you will need : Last year's health examination results


・When providing an aroma treatment, you will need : Two face towels

We ask you to be ready with two face towels for partial operations, however, the number of towels required and its size differs depending on where to provide treatment.

Contents may vary depending on the nursing service we provide. Please feel free to consult us when planning to receive our visiting care.

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