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Nurse for Every Single Patient

 We started visiting nursing services in 2015, and focused on hand-to-hand services, we provide high-quality nursing care and nursing services by nurses who have undergone hospitality etiquette training, and we thoroughly pursue customer satisfaction.


In recent years, the number of foreign nurses has increased, and "Medilator" was born with the hope that foreign customers can receive Japanese medical care and nursing with peace of mind.

We dispatch nurses to hospitals, nursing homes, and companies.

・Bilingual Nurses

 (English, Chinese, Korean, Burmese)

・Aroma-massage Nurses

 (for cancer/Edema patient, or company’s welfare)

・Attending Nurses

 (for during patient’s flight, or traveling aged passengers)

24-hour attend service is also available for patients receiving treatment under home care.
Massages are available for patients wishing to cure the slowdown of their lymphatic system.
With its natural effects and fragrance of the aroma, and a warm massage done by human hands, our nurses provide safe aroma treatment which embrace your heart.

Service Emerged from the Nursing Environment

" Comfort and peaceful life till the end" , is our philosophy.


Our business originates from the founder’s experience as a nurse on her earlier days, where she has discovered that extremely large number of patients are requiring massages.

At the hospital ward, a single nurse takes care of eight to twenty patients.

Eventually, there would be no enough time to provide massages to every one of the patients, while nurses must prioritize on human life.


By adopting aroma treatments to a hand-to-hand nursing, we wish to have our patients on good health physically and mentally.

- Comfort and peaceful life till the end -

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