Medical Translator

-Multilingual Nurses have at least 2 licenses, for example Japanese and Chinese Nurse licenses. They are suitable for giving medical advice.
-Medical Interpreters do not have nurse licenses, but they have Japanese diploma of N1 level (top level). 

Whenever you have to see a doctor in Japan, our bilingual nurses will support you by English, Chinese, Korean, or Burmese.

If you need medical advice, we are happy to answer any time we are here for you.

High level multilingual nurses

We, as nurses,  know the patient's anxiety.
We know how you feel when you are in a foreign country and having to see a doctor that speaks foreign language.
Most of our nurses have experience living in abroad.
If you need a second opinion with our high level doctors, we will manage the meeting time.
You may meet our doctors by Zoom or Skype (free call).

You can find more details at "Medical Treatment".

Doctor Naoko, Japanese / English / German
Hello! I graduated from Kagawa university medical school and practiced internal medicine for 5 years and general surgery for 15 years. And working as a breast oncologist right now. Other than this academic history, I finished an MBA in an international graduate school in the U.S.
Hobbies: Running, Skiing, Listening to music and cooking.

Tyo, Chinese / Japanese
I speak Chinese, Japanese, and little bit of English. I have both Japanese and Chinese nurse licenses. I worked as a nurse in China for 3 years and as Japanese nurse for 3 years. Department was Dialysis.


Chiemi, Japanese / English
I've had worked at pediatrics, clinic, and as assistant nurse in Australia. I had lived U.S., Austria, and Australia. It helps me to know what the foreigners’ needs on a daily basis and also medical care. When you are sick or need further care in foreign countries, I believe you need further assistant or care. I hope to see you and assist you to have comfortable days in Japan.
Yoo, Chinese / Japanese

Aya, Japanese / English / German
I speak Japanese, English, and a little bit of German.
I used to work as a nurse for 5 years in Japan. My department was Cardiology and Dermatology.
After that, I went to Germany and worked as a Lufthansa flight attendant.
When my colleagues got sick during the stay in Japan, I took them to hospital and translated Japanese-English.
I am looking forward to support you or your family.

Ou, Chinese / Japanese
I speak Chinese, Japanese and little bit of English.I have Chinese and Japanese nurse licence.
If you are interested to Japanese Beauty medical treatment, I can recommend you from many beauty menu. Hope to see you soon.


Momo, Japanese / English


I am Burmese. I can speak English and Japanese. I've been a translator for 25 years.
I want to be a helpful interpreter for those who are in need of medical care because I love taking care of people.
I have had a Caesarean section twice in Japan, and I understand …
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