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Terms of service 

1. Details of Prices

  • Those prices are for 1 translator attending service. “1DAY” service means 8 hours between 8am to 6pm (with 1 hour break time, working time is less than 7hours)、”1/2DAY” service means 4 hours between 8am to 6pm.

  • Service time includes before 8am or after 6pm, we charge you 25% of extension fee.

  • Time starts when you meet with your translator. If you ask to meet with your translator more than 5 min earlier, we charge you an extension fee for 30min.

  • If there are words that are used in the front line therapy that are not in the dictionary, we ask you to send us the documents at least 1 week before translating service. If the documents are over 3 pages by A4 size, we charge you additional fee.

  • Weekends and Japanese holiday fee will include total fee and additional 10% of the total cost.

​2.Pre-meeting Price 

On duty day・・・・  Let us know at least 1 day before the duty day. Fee is including in duty time.

Outside duty day・・ Less than 3 hours, we charge you 50% of service fee.

​3.Transportation expense

  • In Tokyo (23 wards)・・・・・・it is including in the price list. But if the translator have to transport to another place between the duty time, we charge you this transportation expense.

  • Outside Tokyo(or 23 wards)・・・We charge you transportation expenses from the Tokyo station.

  • Overseas・・・・・・We charge you transportation expenses from the Tokyo station including Business Class air ticket.

4.Transporting constraint expense
(Transporting over 100km from Tokyo station)

  • On duty day(Day trip)・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ・・・・round trip 50% of 1/2DAY fee

  • 1 day before the duty day / Return on the duty day・・・・・round trip 50% of 1DAY fee

  • On duty day / Return on 1day after duty day・・・・・・・・round trip 50% of 1DAY fee

  • 1 day before the duty day / Return on 1day after duty day・・round trip 1/2DAY fee

  • Overseas・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Separate estimate

​5.Accommodation/Daily allowance
(Duty with accompanies accommodation)

  • Accommodation expenses・・Actual fee of room charge(incl. tax and service fee)

  • Daily allowance・・・・・・・Domestic:Accommodation date 10,000yen per day            

                                                           Overseas:Departure date to Return date 15,000yen per day

6.Holidays during the trip

50% of 1DAY fee

7.Cancellation fee

Cancel 1week to 2days before on duty・・・  50% of estimated amount
Cancel 1day before or on the day of duty・・100% of estimated amount
<Over 2 DAY duties>
Before 15 to 8days・・・20% of estimated amount
*Cancellation of over 1 week of continuous translating contract, we will estimate separately.
*Transfer fee is paid by the customer.


Price list shows without tax.
Business days are Monday to Friday except weekends and holidays.
The price will change for overseas translator and the translator who translate other language besides English, Chinese, Korea, and Burmese.

9.If you use the interpreter’s voice or video for the secondary use, we charge you the double fee. 


We ask you kindly not to ask our staff any personal information
(for instance, personal phone number, social media, their marital status, etc.).
If you don't respect our staff and ask any personal information, we will be forced to end our service, and you will not be eligible to receive any refunds.
We won't accept your request for our service anymore.

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